Ok. So you have trees.

But how much do they cost?

We have trees, that’s for sure. But not just any trees. Fresh, well cared for and manicured Pinus Radiata pine trees. Grown locally and cut fresh for our customers, these trees are delivered fresh each weekend of sales.

We also sell solid, well constructed plastic stands to make the job of displaying and looking after your real Christmas tree all that much easier. A stand is a ‘one-off’ purchase, which you can reuse year after year.

And don’t worry about getting your tree home – if you live within the Wyndham city limits, we’re happy to deliver your tree right to your door. No more trying to fit you, four kids a dog and a Christmas tree into a Toyota Corolla – take the stress out of your purchase and let us take care of delivery. There’s more than enough to worry about at Christmas time already!

And what about after Christmas? What do you do with the tree after Santa’s been and gone and the turkey has been scoffed? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We’ll swing past and collect your tree in the new year, have it mulched and used for environmental projects. It’s win, win, win!



Fresh, lush, real Apex Christmas Trees

Pay a visit to the Hoppers Crossing Apex Club shed and take a look at the sea of fresh, green, lush real Christmas Trees. Smell that special ‘pine’ aroma. The true scent of Christmas. Take your time – select the tree that suits you. Our trees vary in size with some bigger and some smaller ones. They are a natural product in any case so there will be some variability. They all have the exact same price tag, so get the tree that’s right for you.



Bright, stable, reusable display stand

A big step up from the old bucket of sand is this Christmas tree stand. Made from durable plastic, this long-lasting Australian made stand with a deep water reservoir will allow you to keep your tree upright and well hydrated over the festive season.





A beautiful tree, delivered to your door

Okay. So the hard parts done. You’ve worked your way through the huge selection of high quality, lush, real Christmas Trees. You’ve short-listed, re-evaluated and finally made the selection – the prefect tree! But you’ve picked out a 200cm beauty, and you’ve come down in the Toyota Yaris, with the four kids and the dog (and the golf clubs are still in the boot!). Don’t worry – as long as you live within the City of Wyndham, we’ve got you covered.

For as little as $10 we’ll deliver the tree to your place – same day as you selected. Job done!




How do I get rid of the tree after Christmas?

We know one of the major hassles about having a real Christmas tree is “What do I do with it after Christmas?”. It’s a fair question – I mean you can’t stick it up in the roof and drag it out again next year, can you?

Don’t sweat it, we’ve got your back. Early in the new year our trusty collection team will swing past your place and collect your tree. But that’s not even the best bit! Not only will we collect your tree, we’ll have it turned into mulch for use in environmental projects. A great, natural Christmas tree goes back to nature after it’s work is done. Now that really is environmentally friendly.